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Mr. Christian Ngendahimana

Christian Ngendahimana
Mr. Christian Ngendahimana
Executive Director

My name is Christian Ngendahimana, from Burundi. I am a graduate in Sociology from Tanganyika Lake University. I am certified as a Peacemaker by the Peace, Healing and Reconciliation Program on term of a Grant in Daystar University in Nairobi-Kenya and by the Coalition for Peace in Africa. Since July 2002 to 2010, I developed Peace, Reconciliation and Community Development programs within Search for Common Ground, an International Non Government Organiszation, aiming to promote Active NonViolence through the World. In 2006, I co-founded Fountain-ISOKO of Peace, Gender Equality and Commununity Development in the Great lakes Region of Africa. Since october 2010, I am the Executive Director of Fountain–ISOKO.

On a term of 2009-2010 training and research program, I have been certified as a Researcher and Trainer on Active Non Violence and Positive Masculinity by Women Peacemakers Program. I have initiated many programs including the NGOs Working Group on Women and Youth for Peace and Security in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, the Youth Engage Program for youth leadership and entrepreneurship, the MenEngage program for Gender Equality and Peacebuilding.

Acting on Consultancy basis, I often offer services to different local and international NGOs as well as Government entities as Researcher and Senior Trainer.

My passion is to promote Peace, Gender Equality and Community Development in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.