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Mr. Augustin NIYONGABO

Mr. Augustin NIYONGABO
Youth Program Officer

I am NIYONGABO Augustin,  a clinical psychologist by training, with relevant experience working on and coordinating activities whatsoever with youth than adults. I have experience in different organizations and institutions both national as FOCODE, Fountain -Isoko and Burundian league of Human Right Iteka, and international as IFES, NDI, AISA, SPARK, The Hague Academy for Local Governance, MS-training Centre for Development co-operation, to name but a few. Morover,  I am a Junior Trainer accredited by the Dutch Institute for Training called the Hague Academy for Local Governance and Youth Expert. 

I also coordinate  the "Fontaine-Isoko Youth Programme and Volunteers" since 2009. This program includes trainers and youth volunteers guided by the spirit of democracy and governance, entrepreneurship and leadership.
Currently, in my position as  programs assistant, I am the national supervisor for Public Leadership Academy, a joint program in Burund developped by a  Dutch NGOs, SPARK and the Hague Academy, and Fountain Isoko. This programm will be implemented over 3 years and aims leadership capacity development of young people of the three countries (Burundi, Southern Sudan and Palestine). This includes particilularly  practical works of community interest.