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Mission, Vision & Values

Burundi is a just society, built on its capacity to positively transform conflicts,  appreciation for diversity,  respect for all human right, and within a system of effective governance where merit and entrepreneurship are foundational to development. 

Fountain-ISOKO is a Burundi-based NGO founded in 2006 to promote a new era of partnership between men and women, rooted in mutual respect for an equitable and respectful society that is built on competence and entrepreneurship towards ensuring integrated development.   


  • Integrity: Through our programs, we do everything for our teams and beneficiaries of our actions conform to what their control duty and conscience.
  • Equity: Our programs help to honor the right of all persons
  • Excellence we strive for high quality in our programs

These values ​​are reflected in practice by:

  • The demonstration by example ie representativeness and inclusion. All opinions and affiliations should be represented in our work and in our staff to promote integrity and transparency.
  • The passion and loyalty to the mission of Fountain Isoko
  •  The spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment to promote excellence
  • Efficiency and field monitoring because our goal is to achieve real change on the ground
  • Long-term commitment and multidimensional change-that we tend to make can only take place after work towards the long term at different levels of society
  •  Learning Culture-new focus on the need to capitalize on our knowledge and experience we always improve

They ​​are fundamental and must be respected and put into practice by  staffs and members of  the organization.