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NETWORK OF WOMEN AND ALLIED CRAFTS OF PEACE, RAP / WAP, is a coalition of men and women in love with a desire to contribute to the consolidation of peace. The founders are members of associations of human rights that are put together to form a synergy of actors involved in the promotion of an inclusive participation of men and women, through the effective involvement of women in building of durable peace and sustainable development. The Network began its operations in 2007 and was approved in 2010 by the Ministerial Order No. 530/1497 of 29/11/2010 under the name of RAP / Network of Women and Allies Peacemakers "WAP "English," WOMEN aND ALLIES PEACEBUILDERS NETWORK "for better coordination of actions.
RAP / WAP focuses its interventions on issues of peace and security in the perspective kind since the conflict situation and post conflict affecting Burundi and the sub-region, considered as a prerequisite for sustainable development. Through information and awareness on Resolutions 1325 and UNSCR 1820 on women, peace and security actions, the Network has focal points in all provinces of the country and at the base from all sectors of national life. Provide a framework for coordination, advocacy and monitoring of these scattered to establish an inclusive environment for peacebuilding may achieving sustainable development initiatives, motivated the creation of the Network.

1.  Mission
  Promote the participation of all the social components in general and women in particular, in building peace and sustainable development.
2. Vision
The vision of RAP is to contribute to building a community where all the social elements involved in the consolidation of peace and a healthy environment for sustainable development.

3. Overall Objective
 promote a culture of peace and combat violence in all its forms.