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Réseau Femmes et Paix/ R.F.P

Réseau Femme et Paix  "RFP"  is a non-profit organization established in 1999 on the initiative of seven organizations, after the symposium organized in Bukavu (Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC) in March 1998, which included women from the DRC, Rwanda and Burundi, which aimed to strengthen the capacity of women in the three countries in order to contribute to the prevention and to build a lasting peace in the country Grands Lacs. It was subsequently approved by the Ministerial Order No. 530/180 of 17 March 1999 It currently has 18 member organizations and has focal points in all provinces of the country.

1. Vision 
The vision of the RFP is formulated as follows: "A nation and a peaceful and prosperous region where social justice, peaceful coexistence, tolerance and equality between women and men prevail."

2. Mission 
The mission of the RFP reformulated as follows: "To contribute to increasing the participation of women in research and the consolidation of peace and the promotion of democratic values ​​and principles and good governance for sustainable development"

3. Objective of the Organization
Working for the effective involvement of women in peace-building, reconciliation and economic development by allowing access to means of production and control revenue from its production to its empowerment.

4. Areas of intervention
• Consolidation of the internal organization
• Governance, Peace and Security
• Gender and Rights of the individual
• Economic Empowerment of Women