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Overview of the Organization

Fontaine-Isoko is a non-profit organization. Approved by Ministerial Order No. 530/908 of 19.09.2006. Founded in 2006, Fontaine-ISOKO for Good Governance and the Integrated Development was created by women and men committed to working hand in hand in building a just society and bringing positive changes to Burundi and the Great Lakes region of Africa. It is the work of people who acquired their professional experience through various national and international organizations for the promotion of the culture of competence and entrepreneurship, pledge of Good Governance and Integrated Development in Burundi.

The strategic direction is to conduct studies and then initiate programs for the experiential learning through which stakeholders at local and national level, build partnership models then engage as actors in the consolidation process peace, good governance and community development. It is an organization composed of men and women involved in a relationship of constructive partnership for a company built on integrity values, Equity and Excellence by the transfer of skills and attitudes through an approach fundamentally based on participatory researches and trainings in the areas relevant to Peace & Security, Good Governance and Community Development.

Fontaine-ISOKO is slowly making a significant outcomes and impact towards the promotion of equality, peace and integrity for the lives of women and men in Burundi and the Great Lakes region of Africa through recommandations aimed researches, training workshops and advocacy programmes.

The organisation has been involved in supporting and nurturing the involvement of women and young people in politics. Projects include the development and adoption of a violence prevention scheme – “Youth Code of Conduct” – during the 2010 electoral period; research into youth exploitation by politicians; research on the “Impact of women’s participation in local governance,” used as a tool to advocate for women’s quota in local governance; and the creation of “Permanent Framework for Women in Politics,” aimed at supporting women’s political participation.

Fontaine-ISOKO is also working to involve, train and actively engage men in the fight against gender-based violence.